Travis Scott’s ‘Utopia’: A Comprehensive Breakdown of Every Featured Artist, Producer, and Musical Collaboration

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Travis Scott’s “Utopia”, the long-awaited album, has finally arrived. Out of the 19 tracks on the collection, Travis Scott, a Houston native, was only featured in a handful. The album “Utopia”, which features 18 different artists, is not even including all the producers and writers who contributed to the project.

Some of the most celebrated hitmakers in the music industry are featured: Beyonce and Drake. Also, Dave Chappelle and Playboi Carti. Daft-Punk’s Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo was behind the board, along with Metro Boomin and Mike Dean. Kanye, Boi-1da, 30 Roc and Boi-1da are all credited for their work as songwriters and/or producers. Pharrell and Justin Vernon are also credited with songwriting credits, as is Noah Goldstein, who has worked closely with Kanye and Rosalia on “Motomami”. Vegyn, known for his production work on Frank Ocean’s “Blond” and “Endless”, and Noah Goldstein, a producer and songwriter, was also involved.

Variety has broken down the list of songwriters and producers who contributed to Scott’s “Utopia” album.

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