Mandy Moore’s Brave Son Battles Gianotti-Crosti Syndrome: A Mother’s Journey Through Diagnosis and Strength

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Mandy Moore’s 2-year-old Augusthas recently been diagnosed with Gianotti–Crosti Syndrome, an inflammatory skin disorder that can cause blistering, itchy rashes.

On Friday, the “This Is Us’ actress shared on Instagram that she had spent last weekend visiting doctors in order to determine what was causing her toddler’s sudden symptoms.

Moore posted a photo of Gus at the doctors’ office eating a lollipops.

Taylor Goldsmith and she initially thought that it was “eczema” or an allergy flare. They tried “everything” to help Gus find relief.

After a visit to an urgent care center, the pediatrician, , and, pediatric dermatologist finally found some answers.

The 39-year old wrote, “It turns out that it is a viral childhood skin rash called Gianotti Crossti Syndrome,” over an image showing Gus’s red spots on his legs. It’s on his feet and legs (ouch), and also the backs his arms, but not anywhere else.

The mother of two reported that despite his discomfort, her son was “all smiles and laughter” and continued his day like “the rock star he is.”

It could take up to eight weeks for the “Princess Diaries'” actress to recover from her condition, even after using Benadryl and steroid creams.

She concluded, “This parenting thing can be hard at times and you may feel helpless. (And yes, I am grateful that it is only an itchy condition).”

Kids are resilient, and we’re okay as long as they are smiling.

The actress, along with Gus Bennett, is mom to nine-month-old Oscar “Ozzie”.

The star of “Walk to Remember”, who has openly discussed her motherhood experience, was applauded last year after posting realistic and intimate photosfrom Ozzie’s birth.

Moore was holding the newborn against her chest when she took the photo. The baby’s amniotic liquid still covered him.

As she cradled the baby in her hospital mattress, she was captured beaming from head to foot.

The actress has a newfound love for being a mother of two, especially as she watches her sons develop a unique bond.

He is always in awe of him and his greatest fan. “No one can make him smile or laugh as much.”

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