Viral ‘Sun Bear’ Video Sparks Controversy as Speculation Arises Over Person in Bear Costume

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In late July 2023, a viral video of what appeared to be a bear inside a zoo exhibit sparked a heated debate on social media platforms in both English and Chinese-speaking communities. Some users speculated that the creature in the video was not a real bear but rather a person wearing a bear costume, citing its seemingly human-like movements and behaviors as evidence.

The video, recorded at Hangzhou Zoo in China’s Zhejiang province, captured the attention of netizens who questioned the authenticity of the bear’s appearance. However, the zoo swiftly put an end to the rumors, confirming in a WeChat post that the video indeed featured a sun bear named Angela.

To dispel any doubts, the post, seemingly written from Angela’s perspective, humorously addressed the situation. Angela playfully stated that she received a call from the zoo director, jokingly asking if she had hired a “Twolegs” (referring to a human) to replace her during work hours. The sun bear went on to clarify that she was indeed the star of the viral video and not a person in disguise.

Hangzhou Zoo took the opportunity to educate the public about sun bears, emphasizing their unique characteristics. Unlike the stereotypical image of large and powerful bears, sun bears are the smallest bear species in the world. Despite their petite size, they possess incredible strength in their paws, capable of smashing through objects with ease.

The episode served as a reminder that not everything on social media is as it seems, and it highlighted the importance of verifying information before drawing conclusions. In the case of Angela the sun bear, the truth prevailed, putting an end to the entertaining yet misguided speculation surrounding her viral appearance.

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