Steve Cohen Hesitates to Assure Max Scherzer of Mets’ Full Commitment to 2024 Free Agents

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The New York Mets made a significant move ahead of the MLB trade deadline, sending ace pitcher Max Scherzer to the Texas Rangers. The trade was driven, in part, by the team’s plans for the future amid their struggles during the current season.

Mets’ owner Steve Cohen addressed the reasons behind the trade, stating that he could not guarantee being “all-in” on pursuing free agents for the upcoming seasons. Scherzer, who had a no-trade clause, revealed that the team’s “shifting vision” prompted him to waive the clause and accept the trade. The Mets’ new direction involves making decisions to compete beyond Scherzer’s contract window, leading to a change in the team’s timeline and potential plans to sell off players under contract next year.

The Mets’ decision to pivot shouldn’t come as a surprise, as they have been struggling with a disappointing 50-56 record, despite boasting the most expensive payroll in baseball history. In response, the team’s front office opted for a comprehensive fire sale, trading away not only Scherzer but also other notable names like Justin Verlander, Tommy Pham, David Robertson, Mark Canha, and Dominic Leone. These moves were aimed at acquiring promising prospects to bolster the farm system and signal a reset for the organization.

However, the Mets’ move towards rebuilding does not necessarily mean they intend to tank. While they are not expected to have the highest payroll in baseball for the 2024 season, the team still has stars like Francisco Lindor and Pete Alonso in their ranks. The Mets are gradually shifting away from last winter’s aggressive spending spree in free agency, which aimed to compete immediately.

As the team embraces a new direction and restructures its roster, fans can expect the Mets to prioritize player development and build for the future. While the immediate focus might not be on contending for a championship, the organization aims to lay the groundwork for sustained success in the coming years. The transition signifies a departure from the “win now” approach of the past, setting the stage for a new era in Mets baseball.

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