Loren Long, Collaborator of Barack Obama, Secures Lucrative Six-Figure Book Deal as Author-Illustrato

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NEW YORK — Renowned for his artistic contributions to bestselling children’s books authored by notable figures like former President Barack Obama, pop icon Madonna, and acclaimed poet Amanda Gorman, the illustrious illustrator Loren Long has inked a lucrative six-figure deal with a distinguished Macmillan imprint, paving the way for the creation of two of his own compelling projects. The first creation from this exciting collaboration, titled “The Yellow Bus,” is set to grace bookshelves in June 2024.

Long’s inspiration for “The Yellow Bus” stemmed from a poignant encounter with a weathered and forsaken school bus nestled amidst a serene field, where mischievous goats playfully navigated in and out of its rusted frame. Reflecting on the notions of purpose and the relentless march of time, Long mused, “Observing that once-bright yellow bus now abandoned and adorned with rust sparked my contemplation about its journey from grand beginnings to its present state. A vehicle that once transported children to pivotal destinations carries with it a legacy of significance.”

Through a statement delivered via Roaring Brook Press on Monday, Long expounded, “The genesis of ‘The Yellow Bus’ emerged as I delved into the captivating narrative of the old bus, envisaging its life’s trajectory and contemplating the profound sentiment that emerges from selfless acts for others.”

In addition to his exceptional work on Obama’s “Of Thee I Sing,” Madonna’s enchanting “Mr. Peabody’s Apples,” and Gorman’s evocative “Change Sings,” Loren Long has authored and illustrated the beloved series centered around the endearing character Otis the tractor, a series that encompasses heartwarming tales such as “Otis and the Kittens,” “Otis and the Scarecrow,” and “Otis and the Tornado.” Notably, Apple TV is currently in the process of adapting the endearing Otis stories into an animated series that promises to captivate audiences of all ages.

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