Florida Ticket Hits Record-Breaking $1.58 Billion Mega Millions Jackpot

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In a historic turn of events, a single ticket sold in Florida emerged victorious in Tuesday night’s Mega Millions drawing, securing an estimated jackpot of $1.58 billion. This monumental win is poised to be the largest in the history of the lottery, as announced on the official lottery website.

The winning combination of numbers that led to this incredible windfall were 13, 19, 20, 32, and 33, with a golden Mega Ball number of 14.

The fortunate ticket was purchased at a Publix supermarket situated in Neptune Beach, Florida, as confirmed by the state’s lottery officials.

Should the prize amount hold steady at $1.58 billion, it would surpass the previous Mega Millions record of $1.537 billion, which was claimed by a fortunate individual in South Carolina back in 2018.

The holder of this remarkable winning ticket now faces a choice: to receive the full sum spread out in annual payments over a span of 29 years or opt for a lump sum payment, estimated to be around $783 million before taxes, as advised by Mega Millions.

It’s worth noting that the all-time record for the largest lottery jackpot still belongs to a Powerball prize of $2.04 billion, which was secured just last year in California.

In addition to the historic jackpot, other lucky participants in Tuesday’s drawing also reaped substantial rewards. Two tickets sold in Florida and North Carolina managed to match the first five numbers and activate the optional Megaplier, earning them $2 million each with the additional $1 purchase.

Furthermore, five tickets succeeded in matching the first five numbers without the Megaplier, securing winnings of at least $1 million each. These winning tickets were sold in California, Pennsylvania, Texas (with two winners), and West Virginia.

Interestingly, the value of the California ticket, sold in Hilmar, is expected to reach $3.38 million due to the state’s unique prize structure, which factors in ticket sales and the number of winners.

The excitement over this colossal win extended to social media, with the California Lottery expressing its jubilation on X (formerly known as Twitter), stating, “Congratulations to the BIG $1.58 Billion #MegaMillions jackpot winner in Florida. California is still celebrating because a lucky ticket sold at Super Mac Food & Gas in Hilmar matched five numbers missing just the Mega number earning $3,383,371.”

This Mega Millions jackpot had been progressively growing over several months and was last claimed in New York on April 18. With the jackpot resetting to $20 million for the upcoming Friday drawing, the anticipation for the next potential winner continues to build.

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